Toto Wolff on managing Vettel: "Don't know if they want to negotiate with me"

12-07-2020 11:05 | Updated: 12-07-2020 11:52
Toto Wolff on managing Vettel: Don't know if they want to negotiate with me

Sebastian Vettel is looking for a new employer for 2021 . The fact that Vettel always does his own negotiations might work against him in this case. Isn't it an option for him to hire a manager in the form of Toto Wolff to assist the negotiations with other teams?

"Purely from a human point of view, why not? If I was Sebastian's manager, we'd certainly get along. But I'm not sure I'd do him any good. I'm not sure if the teams we're talking about now are willing to negotiate with me," said the team boss of Mercedes to, among others.

Vettel and Hamilton all do it themselves

Wolff says he did sit down with Sebastian Vettel at the Red Bull Ring this week, but he denies that any role as manager was discussed there. Moreover, Wolff thinks that Vettel can do his own business perfectly well.

"Why pay 20 percent to someone if you can do it yourself? I don't think it's a disadvantage that he doesn't have a manager. Many of the top people do it without a manager. Lewis is one example. The guys are smart. They don't just drive fast in cars, they know their market value and what their price tag should be. In the end, it can be a good decision."

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