Weather forecast for the Styrian GP: No more rain

12-07-2020 09:50 | Updated: 12-07-2020 11:52
Weather forecast for the Styrian GP: No more rain

Only yesterday it was questionable whether qualification for the Steiermark Grand Prix would continue, due to the large amounts of rain. However, for the race it seems to stay dry in Austria.

Last week it looked like the heart of summer in Spielberg for the Austrian Grand Prix. With the warm conditions last week the track temperature also went up a lot. Whether that was one of the causes of the many failures is not clear, but it seems that the temperature will not play a role during the GP of Steiermark.

Soft weather in Spielberg

It looks like there's no rain coming before the race, but it probably won't get very hot on the track either. According to AccuWeather's weather forecast it will only be 20 to 21 degrees Celsius with some sun and light clouds. Bad news for Red Bull Racing and Helmut Marko, who were hoping for the high temperatures from last week.

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