Helmut Marko hopes for high temperatures: "Mercedes suffers more"

12-07-2020 09:14 | Updated: 12-07-2020 11:52
by GPblog.com
Helmut Marko hopes for high temperatures: Mercedes suffers more

During qualifying for the Styrian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton managed to beat Max Verstappen by 1.2 seconds. Even though that gap is huge, Dr. Helmut Marko just doesn't worry about it.

The penultimate lap but one of Lewis Hamilton already looked impressive. The six-time world champion then made that task even more difficult by improving himself by half a second.

Nevertheless Helmut Marko doesn't worry about Lewis Hamilton's lap time in qualifying. "The 1.2 second gap doesn't say much," Red Bull Racing's advisor told Auto Motor und Sport.

Betting on high temperatures

According to the Austrian, the RB16 works better with less water on the track. The more rain there is, the slower the Red Bull becomes. "At that moment there is no more interaction between the tyres and the underside of the car", Marko explains.

For the race there just doesn't seem to be any rain, which is good news for Red Bull Racing. "On Friday we saw that Mercedes is still suffering more from warm weather". Nevertheless, Marko hopes that the temperature will be higher than around 20 degrees. "With high temperatures, the probability of a win for us would be 60-40. In cooler conditions, it would however be 60-40 for Hamilton," concludes Marko.

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