Ferrari must face the truth according to Binotto

11-07-2020 19:52 | Updated: 11-07-2020 19:54
Ferrari must face the truth according to Binotto

After a disappointing qualifying session for the Austrian Grand Prix, qualifying went even worse for Ferrari this weekend. According to Mattia Binotto, the team has to face a painful truth.

During qualifying on Saturday afternoon, painful numbers appeared on the screen for Ferrari. Charles Leclerc didn't get any further than P11 during Q2 and Sebastian Vettel didn't get away from last place in Q3. "It's been a very disappointing day", Mattia Binotto concludes in the Team Review.

"We have to accept that the stopwatch never lies. In two qualifying sessions, although in different conditions, we haven't been competitive. Not only against our rivals over the past few years, but also against others, which until recently we were able to keep behind us", explains the team boss of Ferrari.

Upgrades have no effect

The team has brought many upgrades for the second Grand Prix of the year. "They came ahead of schedule, but they clearly didn't show their effect on the track. We need to find out why and change that. Our current situation is not worthy of the name Ferrari. We shouldn't blindly stare at it, but we can't ignore the facts", concludes the Italian.

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