Norris admits error and McLaren praises 'consistent stewards'

11-07-2020 12:19
Norris admits error and McLaren praises 'consistent stewards'

Lando Norris was the big hero last week when he took the podium for the first time in his career. That was a special moment for McLaren as well. This weekend it will be very difficult to repeat this trick. Especially since he has already been put back three places on the grid.

"It was my fault, to be honest," he said to Sky Sports on Friday. "I was on a push lap, these guys drove in an out-lap or a cool off lap, and I slowed down for the yellow flag, which you're supposed to do, but I rolled a little, so I passed them."

Stewards are consistent

So Norris was punished for ignoring yellow flags. The same penalty Lewis Hamilton received a week earlier. So in this case the race management is consistent and it's not something Norris or his team can complain about. McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl says that "the rules are pretty clear" and found the stewards "consistent, so we have to accept this".

"It was my fault, a little stupid of me. There was no risk, these two guys were in a slow lap, I was on my fast lap and I went off the gas, but I just carried that little more momentum and passed them. Can't say anything more about it", concludes Norris.

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