Binotto: "It's important to race here for the whole circus"

11-07-2020 10:32
Binotto: It's important to race here for the whole circus

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto says that both drivers 'know that they have done something wrong'. They have had a slap on the wrist by Ferrari and the FIA and should follow the corona protocols better in the future.

What went wrong

Sebastian Vettel was the first of the two Ferrari drivers to be scored by the FIA after being spotted with Christian Horner and Helmut Marko of Red Bull Racing. The German would have gone out of his 'bubble' because of that encounter.

Charles Leclerc went one step further and travelled back to Monaco after the first race in Austria. He met some fans there and didn't wear a mask. Leclerc was tested on COVID-19 after his trip and all tests came out negative.

Important for everyone that there is racing

"The instructions for Charles and Seb and probably the entire team are that we need really to pay attention to how important it is to be here and race for the entire circus", says Mattia Binotto according to Motorsportweek.

"I think being distracted on the protocols is not great, we need really to be strict. So this has really raised our attention, our concentration, really paying attention. I think both drivers understood that they did something wrong, and I’m pretty sure they will pay more attention in the future", concludes Binotto.

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