Lewis Hamilton: "I think we should still be careful."

10-07-2020 17:27
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton: I think we should still be careful.

Lewis Hamilton had a mediocre Friday afternoon and managed to get no higher than sixth place on the grid. He's worried that that might be his starting position if the heavy rain that is forecast hits the track tomorrow. 

Worthless place to start

“If we have to start [there], that would definitely suck if we didn’t get to qualify,” he said. “[Second practice] wasn’t great. I’d be starting further back than I was even last week," said Hamilton after FP2 to Sky Sports F1.

“So it would definitely make it challenging. I’ll try to do the ‘dry dance’, if there’s a dry dance,” jokes the six-time world champion. Hamilton also said he wasn't completely satisfied with his Mercedes.

Challenge this weekend

“It felt relatively normal but it was quite far off. So there’s more work that needs to go on in the background to try and figure out why.

“I was feeling good in practice one and the start of [second practice] felt pretty good. Then it started to drop off. Others out there are obviously quick and Valtteri’s obviously got good pace so hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.”

Hamilton doesn't know yet if he can be more aggressive with the kerbs this weekend. "I think we still need to be careful. You can still pretty much damage the car with the kerbs. Whether or not it's gonna be as hard as Sunday, we'll find out."

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