Haas: ''We're slower on the straight''

10-07-2020 09:37
by GPblog.com
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Haas: ''We're slower on the straight''

Ferrari is still disappointing in 2020. Many point to the trick with the engine as evidence for the lower top speed and it seems that Ferrari can not deny this. The customers know the same problem.

Problems for Ferrari

After the summer break in 2019 Ferrari will take off. On the straights the Ferrari engine can't keep up and the competition wonders how this is possible. They find out. Ferrari goes outside the rules by adding extra gasoline when the FIA meter doesn't measure any data.

After a request from Red Bull Racing and Mercedes there follows a statement from the FIA clarifying the rules. Since then Ferrari was no longer on pole and did not win a race. Coincidentally? No, it doesn't seem that way. However, with the new aerodynamic package with more downforce Ferrari falls even harder.

Haas gives clarity

While Ferrari and the FIA remain secretive about the agreement between the two parties, it is now clear that there are problems with the Ferrari engine. Not only Ferrari falls far back, but also Alfa Romeo and Haas. The drivers of the American race stable don't make a secret of that either.

''We can see that we are slower on the straight, but I can't say how that is possible'', says Kevin Magnussen, after which his team mate gives more clarity. ''We see that the qualifying standings are not as strong as last season," Romain Grosjean concluded at the press conference. Whether this will have further consequences for Ferrari remains to be seen.

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