'Problems Honda might have because of too much and too fast development'

09-07-2020 20:54
by GPblog.com
'Problems Honda might have because of too much and too fast development'

The normal procedure is that the Formula 1 teams get several updates during the season, but this year it was completely different because of the pandemic. Factories were locked up for some time, but before and after they were able to continue developing. Because the season also started much later, many cars started last Sunday with considerably more updates.

Big challenge

The first Grand Prix of the season was full of incidents and Red Bull Racing also had a problem, primarily with the car of Max Verstappen. Honda has now responded to that and they say they have done an awful lot of work in recent months. That's positive, but with hardly any chances to test it can also turn out wrong.

Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda says: "Initially we planned to bring several updates during the season. We had to change this plan and finalize it for the Austrian Grand Prix", Motorsport-total.com notes from the mouth of the Japanese. "That was the biggest challenge."

Due to a modified regulation regarding engine updates, Honda had to work its way around and that may have had its effect. Possibly it went too fast and that could be a good reason why Verstappen had problems last Sunday, writes Motorsport-total.com.

The good news is that Honda expects that these issues will not happen again, so this weekend a new round with new opportunities for the Dutchman. And of course his teammate Alexander Albon.

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