Verstappen also commented on Vettel's arrival: "Wanted to be nice"

09-07-2020 16:37 | Updated: 09-07-2020 19:19
 Verstappen also commented on Vettel's arrival: Wanted to be nice

In the press conference leading up to the Styrian Grand Prix Max Verstappen discussed the possible coming of Sebastian Vettel to Red Bull Racing. The Dutchman sees no need to bring in the German.

In an earlier interview at ServusTV, Verstappen responded nicely to Vettel and said the Dutchman could imagine Vettel coming back to Red Bull. In Thursday's press conference the Red Bull driver is a bit clearer.

"I said I can imagine it but I wanted to be nice, Seb sat next to me. But I think the team is happy with the current set-up and with the choice of drivers. The cooperation is going well", the Dutchman praised team mate Alexander Albon.

Verstappen clearly sees no reason to change the line-up for next year. "I think Alex is very fast so why would we want to change".

Marko rules out Vettel

Earlier in the week Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko indicated that according to him there is no room for Vettel. Marko is satisfied with the current set-up although the Austrian hopes that the Ferrari driver will find a place for next year.

The chance of a spot for Vettel is getting smaller and smaller. Now that Red Bull has ruled out his arrival only Mercedes remains. Although the season is still long and a lot can happen. Albon will have to keep proving himself.

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