Red Bull can develop DAS system in two months: "And we can do better!"

09-07-2020 09:28 | Updated: 09-07-2020 09:31
Red Bull can develop DAS system in two months: And we can do better!

Helmut Marko stated on Thursday that it will take about two months for Red Bull Racing to develop its own DAS system for the RB16. However, the Austrian race team is not yet sure whether it wants to invest in such a concept. Marko expects clarity about this soon.

Not only the qualifying mode of Mercedes worked very well last weekend during the Austrian Grand Prix, but also the DAS system seems to be paying off for the team of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. At Mercedes they were very satisfied with how the DAS system had worked afterwards.

"We have to think carefully about what we are going to do now", says Marko at Auto, Motor und Sport. The 77-year-old Austrian now knows what the advantages are. "Mercedes uses the system mainly for the qualification laps and for restarting the race. This allows them to warm up the tyres better. The disadvantage is two kilos extra weight".

Red Bull not sure

Milton Keynes is confident that they can come up with a better DAS concept than Mercedes did. It just takes some time. "If we're going to replicate that, we can do better. But that will take two months. With the short season this year and the fact that we don't yet know when the season will end, we have to ask ourselves whether it doesn't make more sense to use the energy for other things. In any case, we are considering it", concludes Marko with the German medium.

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