Red Bull team boss about Hamilton mistake: 'Verstappen had gotten more criticism'

09-07-2020 08:35 | Updated: 09-07-2020 08:57
Red Bull team boss about Hamilton mistake: 'Verstappen had gotten more criticism'

Christian Horner announced immediately after the Austrian Grand Prix that Lewis Hamilton was guilty of the incident with Alexander Albon on the Red Bull Ring. The team boss of Red Bull Racing is still of the same opinion and states in his column for the Austrian race stable that the media easily let Hamilton get away with his mistake.

"Lewis was penalised and, I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot, then there would be plenty of media criticism, as Max has experienced in the past", said Horner, who thinks that's because Hamilton is more respected because of his track record. "But as a six-time world champion I guess these mis-judgements are sometimes overlooked…"

Albon seemed hard on the way to his first podium ever in Formula 1 and even a victory would have been possible. The British Thai was affected after the incident. "I saw Alex at dinner on Sunday night after the race and you could see the result hurt, but when I caught up with him again on Monday, he already had his tail up and is looking forward to this weekend", said the 46-year-old chef.

Red Bull mentally resilient

Not only Albon had to deal with the disappointing result, the Red Bull engineers also needed some time. "Whenever you have a bad race, the day after is horrible but at 8am on Monday morning, a large part of the engineering department were already up doing a virtual online fitness class and getting stuck in" Horner praised the mental resilience of his employees.

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