Verstappen: "I'm not here to finish fourth!"

08-07-2020 13:00
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Verstappen: I'm not here to finish fourth!

After almost half a year of waiting the drivers were finally allowed to race again last weekend at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. The drivers went to war again, to look for (multiple) World Championship points. The following might not be a way to become world champion, but the F1 Power Rankings indicate what the professional employees within F1 think of a driver's performance. The higher you finish, the better your performance was this weekend.

This weekend's F1 Power Rankings in Austria didn't seem so special at first glance: Lando Norris, who took a spectacular first podium of his career, is ranked 1. Followed by the winner of the GP, Valtteri Bottas. He has to share his second place with Charles Leclerc, who drove his "midfield-Ferrari" to P2 just like that.

Verstappen fourth?

So the top three was fairly predictable, but the fourth place is quite surprising: Max Verstappen! In spite of a DNF he placed fourth in the Power-Rankings. With a rating of 8.6 he even comes very close to a top three qualification.

Of course we would like to see Max riding at the front in real life instead of virtual. And then hopefully without any problems. Because as Max once said: "I'm not here to finish fourth!"

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