Grosjean wants limit on salaries: 'Salary of Hamilton is unacceptable'

08-07-2020 10:34
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Grosjean wants limit on salaries: 'Salary of Hamilton is unacceptable'

Lewis Hamilton has yet to sign a new contract with Mercedes for 2021, but there is increasing noise that the amounts are becoming huge in the sport. Romain Grosjean is fiercely opposed to the exorbitant amounts.

''We've had talks with the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, in which some drivers were in favour and others against," says the French driver about the proposal to limit the drivers' salaries as well. ''In my opinion it is unacceptable that Lewis Hamilton earns more than 40 million, where others have to do it in a year with 150,000 euros'', Grosjean complains.

Grosjean in the attack

''During that meeting, it became clear that with a limit for drivers' salaries, we are immediately causing the ladder of Formula 1 to collapse. Who invests in young talent if you don't have to pay so much more for it in Formula 1 and you don't get your money back in the percentage on his income'', says Grosjean to

Hamilton and Toto Wolff continue to deny in all tones that they have already talked about the contract. According to Wolff, the fact that there are already amounts going around is all nonsense, since no amounts have been discussed between the two parties.

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