Red Bull spends a lot of money for DAS: "Looking for more extreme solution"

07-07-2020 11:50
Red Bull spends a lot of money for DAS: Looking for more extreme solution

Christian Horner announced last Friday that Red Bull Racing is in the process of developing its own DAS system. Later this weekend the British team boss and Helmut Marko tempered expectations by saying that we won't see a DAS at the RB16 in the coming weeks.

However, Milton Keynes is working hard on the development of the concept. The use of DAS helps to warm up the tyres prior to a fast lap in qualifying or during a safety car situation. At Red Bull, they see the added value of it in any case, and so it made them decide to devote the next few months to making a DAS system.

"Putting money into it"

To this end, the team of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon are also preparing to release the necessary budget. "We're putting a lot of money into it", Horner says in conversation with Servus TV. At the Austrian television station, the 46-year-old chief also doesn't rule out that Red Bull will come up with an even more extreme system than Mercedes has done. "Now that we know it's all allowed, maybe we'll look for an even more extreme solution."

When Red Bull expects to finish this is still unclear. So far the Formula 1 calendar runs until 06 September, although Grands Prix will be added shortly.

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