Brundle doesn't blame Hamilton much: "And Albon is a racer"

07-07-2020 11:26 | Updated: 07-07-2020 11:29
Brundle doesn't blame Hamilton much: And Albon is a racer

In his column Martin Brundle discussed the much-discussed moment between Alexander Albon and Lewis Hamilton during the Austrian Grand Prix. The former Formula 1 driver hinted that the Mercedes driver could not do much about the incident and stated that Albon might have been a bit hasty.

"Except that, for the second time in three races, Hamilton spun out Albon", starts Brundle for Sky Sports. The Formula 1 commentator calls the incident a coincidence. "It was really an unfortunate situation for both of them".

Red Bull close to victory

After a pit stop under the safety car, Albon came out on softs, while the Mercedes men of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton drove on used hard tyres. "Albon could smell victory let alone a podium with only two Mercs in front of him on harder tyres and ailing gearboxes."

What happened next is now a familiar story. In the fourth corner Albon tried to overtake his British rival on the outside. It resulted in a touché between both riders. "Hamilton did not open his steering wheel, but on throttle application he understeered wide on the off-camber downhill corner, and around went the Red Bull. It was a relatively high-risk manoeuvre from Albon, especially given Hamilton was bound to be grip limited."

Albon is a racer

Brundle argues that Red Bull Racing's 24-year-old driver might have had a little more patience on the Red Bull Ring. "Some patience would have yielded a better opportunity on a straight with DRS assistance, but Albon is a racer and he wanted after Bottas and glory, if his car kept going.

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