Vettel can't do anything with Rosberg's comments: ''I can take criticism''

07-07-2020 07:08
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Vettel can't do anything with Rosberg's comments: ''I can take criticism''

Besides Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel also joined Sport & Talk on ServusTV. The German had had a tough weekend in Austria and on top of that he had to deal with a lot of criticism.

Head empty

"I was alone in the mountains today for some fresh air. After this weekend it couldn't hurt to clear my head. We just didn't have any speed on Sunday and some things didn't go our way. It was a tough race. The car was even worse than Friday," the Ferrari driver said.

In itself it's surprising that Vettel joins ServusTV again. As a Ferrari driver he hasn't been there for ages, as ServusTV is a Red Bull television station. It only seems that Vettel distances himself from Ferrari, just as he distances himself from his critics.

Vettel critical

''I can deal with that criticism, because I was mostly angry with myself. Nico Rosberg looks at the race from his window, but forgets that without the spin I could have achieved a great result. We're certainly not where we want to be yet, but the team is doing everything they can to make that happen'', the German concludes.

Speculation also flared up on Monday evening that Vettel might ace for a spot at Red Bull Racing. The fact that he joins the Red Bull program is unique and the German is still good with the leadership of the Austrian stable. However, the problem is the money that has to be put down for the four-time world champion and the battle with Verstappen. Is that so ideal for a team?

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