Brawn: "The events at Ferrari create a lot of distractions at Vettel"

06-07-2020 18:43 | Updated: 06-07-2020 19:12
Brawn: The events at Ferrari create a lot of distractions at Vettel

For Sebastian Vettel the first Grand Prix in Austria was one to forget. The Ferrari driver saw his team mate Charles Leclerc drive up to the podium, while he finished tenth, with only one driver behind him. Vettel is leaving Ferrari after this season and according to Ross Brawn those two things are connected.

"The start of the season was a difficult start for Vettel, in his last year at Ferrari. He must be thinking a lot at the moment, after finding out that Ferrari does not want to renew his contract", says Brawn in his column on The German driver made some mistakes in the race, such as a spin in the third corner during the race.

Subtle things distract

Vettel announced during the first weekend in Austria that it was Ferrari's choice not to renew the contract, which did not even give an option for the German to renew his contract. So he already knows that he will have to look for a new seat and according to Brawn that can start playing in his head.

"Sometimes it's the subtle things that can distract a driver. Sebastian has shown that he was surprised and shocked by all the events and that is probably a huge distraction for him, which of course is understandable", concludes Brawn.

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