Zanardi undergoes five hours of surgery: "The fractures were extremely complex"

06-07-2020 17:00
Zanardi undergoes five hours of surgery: The fractures were extremely complex

Former F1 driver Alex Zanardi has undergone a new operation at Siena University Hospital. It was quiet for a while around the updates on Zanardi's health, but after the operation on Monday, the hospital gave another update on the course of the operation and Zanardi's health.

The hospital announces in a press release that Zanardi has had a successful operation. "The patient underwent a new operation, performed by professional oral and facial surgeons. The operation was aimed at reconstructing and stabilizing the affected areas of the face". According to the hospital it was a difficult operation. "The fractures were enormously complex," says Paolo Gennaro, head of jaw and face surgery.

Still critical condition

"That's why we had to use careful programming that uses different technologies, tailored to the patient. The complexity of this case is unique, even if it is a kind of break that we regularly experience here at our centre". 

After the lengthy operation, Zanardi was returned to Intensive Care, where he is still in critical condition. "His condition remains stable from a cardio-respiratory and metabolic point of view. However, his condition remains serious from a neurological point of view," concludes the hospital statement.

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