Seidl satisfied: "We can keep up with Racing Point and Ferrari"

06-07-2020 14:05
Seidl satisfied: We can keep up with Racing Point and Ferrari

Lando Norris was allowed to take the podium for the first time yesterday after a lightning-fast final lap and within five seconds came on Lewis Hamilton, who had been given a time penalty because of his collision with Alexander Albon. A good result for McLaren who started the new season with confidence, because with Carlos Sainz in fifth place the team managed to score double points.


In conversation with Sky Sports F1 team boss Andreas Seidl says to be very motivated now that they have seen the true strength of the McLaren MCL35 compared to competitors. "The good thing of today was that we could see, even in the race, because we had a little doubt after Friday, that we had the pace of our main competitors around us."

"We're able to match Perez in the race, we're able to match the Ferrari's in the race when it comes to pace. It depends a bit on the choice of tyres to be exactly where we are, but it is very, very encouraging when we look ahead that we have a solid foundation for one lap, but also for an entire race."

At first Racing Point was expected to be a lot ahead of McLaren, but in the race it turned out differently. After all, the McLaren could come along very well. What exactly the differences are and what went so well will now have to be analyzed on the basis of the race data, says Seidl in summary who can not yet pinpoint exactly what made the car so strong.

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