Decision fight with Sainz for Norris: ''That's why I was on stage''

06-07-2020 11:52
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Decision fight with Sainz for Norris: ''That's why I was on stage''

Lando Norris had to keep his mouth shut, but everyone could see with what kind of a smile he was walking on the track. The Brit achieved his first podium in Formula 1 in Austria and was very proud of that.

''Of course, we didn't really have the speed on this normally, but we were in the right place to take advantage of other people's mistakes. I wasn't very emotional or in tears after the race, but of course it's a good moment, because you've worked hard for this for years," said Norris in conversation with Sky Sports.

Norris to the podium

However, Norris acknowledges that it will not be repeated soon. ''In the long term I can add more, but realistically we can't be on the podium very often in the short term. However, they have been difficult months and years for the team, so this reward is obviously wonderful," says Norris who knows where he decided the race for the podium.

''Charles was past me and then Carlos came on the attack. The fact that I was able to keep him behind me ensured that I could go to the podium in the end''. Norris is glad he can fight in the front now. ''The top two are still too fast and Ferrari is very strong in the race, but the rest are very close together'', the Brit concludes.

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