Wolff about Hamilton: "That punishment was far too harsh and unjustified"

05-07-2020 17:45
by Louis Shaw
Wolff about Hamilton: That punishment was far too harsh and unjustified

Team boss of Mercedes Toto Wolff thinks Lewis Hamilton has been punished 'too hard' for the tap he gave Alexander Albon in the closing stages of the race. Hamilton received five seconds penalty and two penalty points on his racing license.

Not easy for the stewards

"The stewards are always in a difficult position to make the right decisions," Wolff says to Sky. "I'd certainly say from our perspective, the five seconds were too harsh."

"We watched the video a few times. Lewis steered completely into the curve. Albon had about 40% of the road left to make the turn. It was different from lap one where Lewis had to pull back to not get off the track," he continued.

Not justified

"So in my opinion, it's not justified. But I recognize the complexity of the work, of making the right decisions. Some go for you, some go against you," concludes Wolff.

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