Windsor: "RB16 not a great car, but Verstappen makes it look easy"

05-07-2020 09:18 | Updated: 05-07-2020 09:24
Windsor: RB16 not a great car, but Verstappen makes it look easy

Max Verstappen qualified yesterday as third behind both Mercedes drivers. In the end he and the team were satisfied with that, but the gap to the black cars was big. The whole weekend didn't go smoothly, with several spins on Friday. Peter Windsor saw that too.

"The Red Bull looks like a car that is very difficult to drive," says the motor sports journalist on his Youtube channel. "He needed all his finesse to keep the thing on track. It's great to see, because you know it's not a great car at the moment, but he makes it look easy. Because he makes so many corrections, the car seems to look controlled after all."

Mercedes stronger than ever

Verstappen makes the RB16 look better than it actually is, according to Windsor. The relative speed of McLaren, where Lando Norris managed to qualify between the Red Bull drivers, shows that not everything works as it should. Windsor therefore assumes that Mercedes will be difficult to beat in the race.

"Until you suddenly see him off the track and then you know how bad they are at the limit at Red Bull. A third place is a nice starting position, but half a second behind is a lot. Mercedes might have a bigger lead than they've ever had."

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