Does Verstappen want his own DAS system? "I want so many things on the car"

05-07-2020 08:26
Does Verstappen want his own DAS system? I want so many things on the car

On Friday Mercedes appeared on the Red Bull Ring with the DAS system which was discovered on their car during the winter tests in Barcelona. Exactly what it does and how much effect it has remains to be seen, as well as whether it is an option for other teams to copy it.

The DAS system is an innovative toy that the other teams will look at with some jealousy, as if just to steal the show. The fact that the Mercedes drivers can adjust the position of their front wheels by pulling the steering wheel towards them is a great development.

However, it is questionable whether it is worth copying this. As said before they don't know yet how much time this will save and next season the system will be banned. Moreover, despite rumours that Red Bull Racing would already have their own DAS system in the pipeline, it seems to take quite some time to develop this in-house.

Max Verstappen therefore takes into account that he will have to do it without a DAS system. "With such a short calendar, it's probably going to be difficult to implement, but we'll see. Do I want it on the car? Well, I want so many things on the car, but you also have to be realistic," he says this weekend to among others.

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