Marko explains why Red Bull protest against the Mercedes DAS system

04-07-2020 12:55 | Updated: 04-07-2020 13:23
Marko explains why Red Bull protest against the Mercedes DAS system

It's one of the most discussed topics in the paddock: The Mercedes DAS system. Red Bull Racing protested because they believed that the new inovation developed by Mercedes is illegal. Dr. Helmut Marko explained his team thinks this is the case.

Acceptance at Red Bull

"We accept the verdict, so we won't appeal", Marko says to "According to the regulations, the steering is there to turn the vehicle, but the probblem is that the DAS system changes the camber and therefore the height of the vehicle is different."

"In our opinion, the Mercedes system is there to partly heat up the tyres better or to achieve a better temperature distribution in the race", Marko continued. "For this reason, our approach to the hearing was that DAS not only steers, but also adapts the vehicle systems. There is a rule that nothing can be changed to the car after qualifying in the so-called Parc Fermé."


"Actually, we wanted clarification, which is why we filed our protest on Friday. If that had been positive, Mercedes would have had the opportunity to take the system out of the car and participate in qualifying and races without DAS", says Marko.

The Red Bull team is still in doubt whether they want to implement the system themselves now. From next year the DAS system will be completely banned and the team also expects the system to bring two extra kilos to the car.

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