FIA does nothing with protest Red Bull Racing: DAS system Mercedes allowed

03-07-2020 23:45 | Updated: 04-07-2020 00:11
by Sebastiaan Bakker
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FIA does nothing with protest Red Bull Racing: DAS system Mercedes allowed

Immediately after the free practice sessions on Friday in Austria, Red Bull Racing announced that it was going to make an official protest against Mercedes' DAS system. A mechanism that is already banned for 2021, but according to the competition already does not comply with the regulations. On Friday night at 00:31 the stewards announced that the system is allowed after all.

With the Dual Axis Steering system as it is called in full, Mercedes drivers can change the 'toe' of the front wheels by pulling or pushing the steering wheel towards or away from themselves in the cockpit.

Normally the front wheels of an F1 car are slightly outward so the car steers more easily. Now the drivers can straighten the wheels as well. That would help on the straights for a higher top speed and less wear and tear on the tyres.

The FIA banned this system earlier this year before 2021, but then stated that it is still legal for this season. Red Bull Racing contested this on the basis of articles 3.8 and 10.2.3 of the technical regulations, which state that the wheels may not change the aerodynamic function of the car and that the suspension may not be adjusted while driving. They have therefore not been proved right.

The stewards' statement:

“The Stewards consider DAS to be a legitimate part of the steering system and hence to satisfy the relevant regulations regarding suspension or aerodynamic influence."

"In the opinion of the Stewards, the DAS system is physically and functionally a part of the steering system. As such, it benefits of the implicit exceptions to certain suspension regulations applicable to steering.”

Due to the decision of the stewards Mercedes is allowed to continue using the DAS system during the qualification and the race in Austria. Whether Red Bull has such a system ready to screw on the RB16 this weekend is not yet known.

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