Verstappen speaks out about racism: "For me, everyone is equal"

02-07-2020 17:21
Verstappen speaks out about racism: For me, everyone is equal

After Lewis Hamilton spoke out against racism a few weeks ago and addressed the Formula 1 world for saying little about it, many drivers have now spoken out on the subject via social media. Max Verstappen did not do so, but that does not mean he has no opinion about it.

Now that the press at the Red Bull Ring will speak to all drivers again, Verstappen can also be asked about this loaded subject. The driver of Red Bull Racing never expresses himself politically on social media and also thinks you have to be careful with this.

He cites Hamilton's statement about 'big stars in Formula 1 keeping quiet' as an example. This was seen by many as a remark directed against certain drivers, but Verstappen says among others to the Telegraaf that this has been misinterpreted.

Verstappen only speaks for himself

The Dutchman says that Hamilton's remark wasn't just aimed at the drivers, but at the whole motorsport community. So the intention behind his words wasn't entirely clear and that's why, according to Verstappen, you have to be careful. "It's wise to bring something out, but you have to be very careful what you say in situations like this".

As far as his own opinion on the subject is concerned, he stays close to himself. He does not want to speak or decide for anyone else. "I can only speak for myself and I can't imagine anyone being in favour of racism. For me, everyone is equal in this world."

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