Verstappen at press conference: "That's better than talking about it"

02-07-2020 15:44 | Updated: 02-07-2020 16:04
Verstappen at press conference: That's better than talking about it

The press conference for drivers on the Red Bull Ring was over two hours away when Max Verstappen in name of Red Bull Racing finally arrived. Just like the last couple of weeks the Dutchman is mainly positive.

"We're in good shape,"  Verstappen says when he's asked about the forthcoming weekend. "We're coming here now with an engine upgrade so that's a good start. This was already planned, but the timing for the start of the season is extra good now".

Verstappen wants to get on the track

After four months of doing nothing, it's hard for him to say exactly how his team is doing. That will have to become clear in the next few days on the track. That Verstappen feels like showing what the RB16 can do is clear. "That's better than talking about it."

He also goes into the question whether his driving style might be different because he doesn't know yet exactly how long the season lasts. Fewer races means that a DNF is also more painful. Verstappen emphasizes that his approach will not be different. He wants to win and takes calculated risks, so no unnecessary risks.

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