No more DRS in 2022? "I still have that dream"

02-07-2020 12:13
No more DRS in 2022? I still have that dream

Since 2011 Formula 1 drives with the Drag Reduction System (DRS). A system in which the rear wing opens to reach more top speed. Many people in and around Formula 1 call DRS too artificial. Also McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl is not a fan of DRS.

How long will we be driving with DRS?

Seidl hopes that DRS will no longer be needed with the new generation of cars. "Something I've always liked about F1 is that everyone works with the same regulations and in the end wins the team or the driver who has done the best work", says Seidl to

"I still have the dream that from 2022, with the new regulations and the budget ceiling, we will hopefully be in the position that one day we won't need artificial overtaking aids", Seidl continued.


"That we simply have a great show with a competitive field, with cars that can get close to each other without any problems. At the same time, we have to face reality. This year and next year we can expect a similar pecking order with a reasonable gap between the three top teams and the rest, just like previous years", Seidl ends.

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