Verstappen thinks he knows if he can become world champion after Hungary

01-07-2020 21:06 | Updated: 01-07-2020 21:09
Verstappen thinks he knows if he can become world champion after Hungary

There has been a lot of speculation about the speed of the three top teams since February. Is Mercedes really the fastest and is Ferrari really disappointing. The position of Red Bull Racing is perhaps the most difficult to pinpoint. They were well placed in Barcelona and the stories towards the first race seem to sound more and more positive.

In an interview with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon for title sponsor Aston Martin, Martin Brundle decides to ask the Dutchman: 'Max, can you win this world championship?

"Let's not talk about this until after three race weekends," Verstappen says resolutely. "At the moment, everything is so uncertain. It's been so long since everyone has been at speed in the car, so I just don't know. All I know is that this is the goal of everyone on the team."

Austria and Hungary should give a good indication of speed

Brundle looks up to the exact number of races the Red Bull rider thinks he will need before he can pass judgment on the RB16. The Brit also wonders if the Red Bull Ring and the Hungaroring are a good reflection of performance. There are few fast corners there.

"In Austria there are a few corners where you can see the performance of the car and in Hungary you are completely dependent on a good car. Then we know quickly enough whether we have such a good car or not", says Verstappen, who at that moment is doing his best to suppress a smile.

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