Marko: "The English don't like to leave their Island"

01-07-2020 20:19 | Updated: 01-07-2020 20:24
Marko: The English don't like to leave their Island

Thanks to next year's budget limit, Red Bull would be able to finance two teams with its current Red Bull Racing budget from now on. In theory this would put AlphaTauri on an equal footing with its big brother, but according to Helmut Marko it's not that simple.

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull's advisor explains why: "Despite all the synergy, Alpha Tauri will always lag behind, because we are unable to serve two teams at the same time with our production capacity. This will become even more difficult with the reduction in the workforce".

"Thanks to the technical equipment, Red Bull is able to carry out the development steps much faster. That alone leaves AlphaTauri behind. We have certain advantages with two teams, but they're not nearly so big that AlphaTauri could become a winning team".

According to Marko, the suggestion that Red Bull Racing can cede personnel to AlphaTauri does not hold water either. "It is especially important that AlphaTauri can stand on its own two feet financially. That's why we're going to reduce the size of AlphaTauri's department in England. For the time being, the teams will use the same wind tunnel, with Red Bull having priority. Moreover, the English won't be leaving their island any time soon."

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