Honda willing to take more risk when full calendar is known

01-07-2020 14:03
Honda willing to take more risk when full calendar is known

Red Bull Racing was very optimistic about the start of the season last week, especially through the comments of team boss Christian Horner. The team plans to attack the season with aggression, partly thanks to some updates from Honda. Toyoharu Tanabe is a bit more cautious, but he too is willing to take some risks.

"As you know, we had a shutdown period during which we had to stop the development and production of new parts. So we can't improve the power source much. So the base of Barcelona will be transferred to Austria," says Tanabe in a video of Honda Racing F1 on Youtube.

So for the first races we don't have to expect a huge leap forward from Honda compared to February. Once Liberty Media publishes the full calendar, Honda will also try to boost its power a little more.

"We have made improvements in a few small areas. Not only in terms of reliability, but also in terms of power. A balance between the two is very important, even during a short season. But as soon as we know exactly how long this season is going to be, we can put a little more emphasis on more power".

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