Verstappen: "Changing weather in Austria plays a big role"

30-06-2020 17:54 | Updated: 30-06-2020 17:58
by Editorial Team
Verstappen: Changing weather in Austria plays a big role

This week the F1 is finally really getting started. Max Verstappen returns to familiar territory. The Red Bull Ring, his employer's circuit and the track on which he took gold in the last two years, heralds a late start to 2020. Verstappen doesn't exclude anything, but emphasizes to have no idea where his team currently stands.

On the Red Bull website the Dutch driver looks ahead to next weekend. In the preview of the race stable he writes: "It has been so long since I drove the RB16. It felt good at the time, but there is always room for improvement".

"The team has worked hard to come up with various upgrades at the start, but the other teams will also come up with them. In addition, the weather conditions will play a major role in Austria, as they are very changeable. The only thing I can do is make sure I get everything out of the car".

Pressure of schedule is no problem

The necessary adjustments to the F1 calendar make for a busy schedule in Formula 1. Verstappen understands why this can be a problem for some, but in the end it doesn't increase the pressure for the Dutchman:

"You're on the road a lot and of course you can't go home in between. That will be difficult, especially for team members with families. I don't really see it as increased pressure myself. After all, we do what we love and what we are her for."

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