Seidl: "Never doubted that McLaren wouldn't be on the grid in 2021"

30-06-2020 15:08
by Editorial Team
Seidl: Never doubted that McLaren wouldn't be on the grid in 2021

Last week it was announced that McLaren had applied for a £150 million loan to fund the company. The team that finished fourth in the constructors stand last season seems to be in financial difficulties. Still, according to team boss Andreas Seidl, that doesn't matter on the F1 side of the company, which will continue. 

"It was certainly a difficult time for the team," Seidl told several media, including ESPN. "The positive thing about the loan we now have is that it gives an extra boost and gives even more motivation for everyone to get down to work and get on with what we all love and what we can all do very well".

Never doubted F1

Due to the financial problems of the British team, the F1 side could have suffered a lot from the current crisis. However, Seidl states that he never doubted the F1 mission of McLaren. "I knew, together with Zak Brown, very well what the situation was. There was no doubt that McLaren would not be on the grid next year". For the team it is good to be on the grid next year, since the budget cap applies from that year.

The loan the company now has ensures that they are free in the things they do. "It was very important that we found the right loan that not only helped us through the crisis, but also put us in the best position to fight at the front in the future. So I'm very pleased with the news that everything worked out," concludes Seidl.

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