Mostly positive reactions to black Mercedes, but Codemasters is 'in tears'

30-06-2020 09:26
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Mostly positive reactions to black Mercedes, but Codemasters is 'in tears'

Mercedes presented a new livery for the 2020 Formula 1 season on Monday. In 2020 Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will start with a black livery, with which Mercedes wants to give a signal in the fight against racism.

On Monday Mercedes surprised friend and foe with the presentation of the new livery. The car presentations have been over for a long time now and so not much was expected anymore, but with a message on social media and her later statement the internet exploded. Many liked the action and also the livery.

Codemasters in tears

One party that wasn't so happy with the new livery was Codemasters. The developer of the official Formula 1 game of 2020 had to work with Williams' new livery earlier and now gets a new task more than a week before the release. Whether the new livery will be seen from the release is still unclear for now.

Furthermore, the reactions were largely positive. Not everyone agrees with the idea of Mercedes to make a statement this way, but there is little discussion about the livery. It is seen by many as very beautiful and finally something different from the same silver car every year.

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