In Italy, even before the engine has started, there is a slight panic

29-06-2020 14:44 | Updated: 29-06-2020 15:37
In Italy, even before the engine has started, there is a slight panic

Italy has emotionally involved residents and that is no different for the followers of Formula 1. Now that we can talk about racing again, the journalists are afraid of disappointing performances of their proud Ferrari.

For weeks we talked about other subjects than Formula 1. Now that we are only a few days before the start of the season the expectations are discussed again. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sera it would have been better for Ferrari to still talk about other things than the performance of the illustrious Italian team.

The journalists are worried about the car and ask out loud what to expect from the Scuderia. According to sources in this Italian newspaper, they hope against their better judgement that it will not be too bad because the team has deliberately taken it easy during the winter tests. The gap with the competition was already big there and they had to watch out for the speed of Racing Point.


Now it also turns out that no updates are brought to Austria there is a slight panic in the hearts of the Italians, as competitors Red Bull and Mercedes do come with better versions than during the winter tests. The lack of progress is due to the prolonged lockdown in the southern European country.

According to the newspaper, the engineers are uncertain: "In February they didn't understand much about the car, so the engineers don't know yet where they stand and what they can offer". Updates of the car will follow at Silverstone in more than a month's time.

Whether it all turned out to be a game should be clear this weekend. At least that's what they hope for from the Italian newspaper, although Binotto's statements after the winter tests were not very promising. The team boss assumed at the time that they would start with a backlog. The question now is whether they have been able to do something about this backlog over the past few months.

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