Brown's not sure yet. "There are no guarantees."

29-06-2020 13:42 | Updated: 29-06-2020 14:20
Brown's not sure yet. There are no guarantees.

Zak Brown is happy that the new new season is almost starting and so far has eight races. Despite the fact that part of the calendar is already known, McLaren's team boss is wary of optimism because he has yet to see if we will actually reach a minimum of fifteen races.

The corona crisis has messed up the Formula 1 world and there are still many uncertainties. The situation of the pandemic is anything but under control, although it seems different in Europe. According to Brown, we should not think that we are back to normal:

"The corona situation is still far from under control in many parts of the world and even if we start racing again carefully, we should not think that life is already as it was before corona", said the team boss of McLaren in the podcast F1Nation.

Many races no guarantee

Where the rumors of new races outside the calendar that is already there Brown is increasingly vigilant for optimism. "There's no guarantee we can run the number of races we hope to." According to the team boss, the pandemic situation worldwide is still too unpredictable.

However, the boss of McLaren F1 is happy with the start of the season: "It has been very difficult for many teams in recent months, also for us. Luckily for many fans around the world our sport is a nice distraction and we have to embrace the pleasure of racing". The craving for Formula 1 racing will be reflected in the ratings: "They will be very high. We have had to do it for a very long time with only repeats."

From Friday the new Formula 1 season will start with two races on the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Under strict conditions and without an audience, two weekends will be driven before entering Hungary. After Hungary there will be a double race at Silverstone in England.

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