Brundle: ''Then Hamilton had considered a move to Ferrari perhaps''

29-06-2020 08:12
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Brundle: ''Then Hamilton had considered a move to Ferrari perhaps''

Now that the seats at Ferrari have been filled for 2021, it seems certain that Lewis Hamilton will join Mercedes, but what does his future look like? Is that Ferrari dream still present or is that not wise at all?

Hamilton and Ferrari

''If Toto Wolff would have left, Hamilton might have considered a move to Ferrari. Of course it would be nice to see another hero like that at Ferrari, but Michael Schumacher went the other way and that didn't work at all," said Martin Brundle to Sportsmail.

With that, Brundle immediately tackled the biggest problem. ''Lewis must leave behind a large company in which he has been involved since childhood for the romance at Ferrari. In addition, you have to hope for a good car and not stay frustrated like Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Hamilton realizes in this respect that he is at the end of his career''.

How long will Hamilton go on?

With the rise of all young talents such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, the question remains how long Hamilton can hold out. Until now, he has been the boss of the younger generation and he doesn't seem to be a day older, but there comes a point that youth will beat him. The question is, of course, when?

''Today's cars are much stronger and faster, making it a sport for younger drivers rather than experienced drivers. Lewis doesn't seem to be getting any older, but he won't at 40. I see him signing one more contract. I haven't seen anything yet that points to his upcoming retirement'', the Sky Sports reporter concludes.

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