Hamilton's still bummed about losing the title: "I'm still sick of it"

28-06-2020 08:31 | Updated: 28-06-2020 09:02
by GPblog.com
Hamilton's still bummed about losing the title: I'm still sick of it

In 2007 Lewis Hamilton made his Formula 1 debut at McLaren. He was immediately successful. Already in his sixth Grand Prix for the team he managed to win and he even competed for the title until the last race.

Debut year

In the penultimate Grand Prix of that year Hamilton was able to win the title. The then still very young Brit made a mistake when entering the pit lane and got stuck in the gravel box. "I lost the title in China and that makes me nauseous to this day", said Hamilton at a sponsor meeting of Hewlett Packard.

"When I was younger, I was hard on myself. Far too hard, if I failed I punished myself and that wasn't very productive. It was hard to break that, but over the years I learned to enjoy myself. That's the most important thing, that you enjoy what you do. Torturing yourself only brings negativity", says Hamilton.

Hamilton is still not easily satisfied

"Every year you develop yourself and get to know your body and the mental side better and better. You discover patterns and know how to steer them better. Every year I look back on my season and no race has been perfect. The races you learn the most from are the races you don't win or in which you have failed", the Mercedes driver ends.

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