Vietnamese Grand Prix in November? Announcement possibly coming soon

Vietnamese Grand Prix in November? Announcement possibly coming soon

27-06-2020 19:03 Last update: 20:19

If we are to believe the reports of the past few weeks, there is a real chance that this year Grands Prix will only be held in Europe and the Middle East. Nevertheless, there are now indications that the Vietnam Grand Prix will still take place.

Where a part of the Asian races has been definitively cancelled, the races in China and Vietnam are still being held. The latter even seems to be coming up with an announcement soon. Whether the Grand Prix will continue with that, is certainly not certain, but there are strong indications for that.

Accredited motorsport photographer Paren Paval inquired with the organization of the Vietnamese Grand Prix and they answered that one of these days they will come with an announcement, which they will also send to all their customers.

Paval then also spoke to one of the hotels where the teams would stay and it is fully booked around the weekend of November 22nd, which could be a logical date for that Grand Prix. Moreover, Paval's information about the Vietnam GP has been correct more often, he was the first one earlier this year to report that the race would be postponed.