Hakkinen about driving style Verstappen: "Wonder if drivers are ready for this"

25-06-2020 18:33
by GPblog.com
Hakkinen about driving style Verstappen: Wonder if drivers are ready for this

Mika Hakkinen suspects that Mercedes may be in for a surprise in the next few months. The former driver from under McLaren states that Max Verstappen is keen to grab his first World Championship title this year and that the Dutchman will not shy away from great risks.

"We're gonna have a really good season. The driver who wins the title this year can be very proud of himself", Hakkinen said in conversation with Laureus. The former Formula 1 driver also explains why it will be so good to win the title next year. "We may only be driving fifteen Grands Prix. If you win the title in such a short season you have to excel in all aspects - talent, concentration, fitness and adaptability".

Hamilton, Verstappen or Bottas?

The 51-year-old Finn expects a lot from the Mercedes duo in 2020. "Lewis Hamilton will drive at the same high level he always has and I know that Valtteri Bottas is better prepared than ever, he is ready for big things. Can Hamilton continue to win if his teammate increases the pressure? You have to constantly improve as a top Formula 1 driver, it is mentally very tiring and physically very difficult", Hakkinen explains.

The third big contender for this year's world championship is Verstappen. "Max sees his chance. He is going to attack at full speed and is willing to take big risks. I wonder if all drivers are ready for Max's driving style after this long break", he continues his story. The two-time world champion thinks Ferrari won't be able to join Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in the first Grands Prix of the season.


The next six months will not only be about the qualities of the driver, but also those of the team. Technical problems with the car is something you obviously don't experience. "This season you don't have time to react if something is wrong with the car, the engine, the gearbox or the aerodynamics. Everything has to be right from the first race. If a team gets problems with the technology, it will be a nightmare," concludes Hakkinen.

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