United States Grand Prix keeps hope: "We assume that F1 will come"

25-06-2020 17:33
by Editorial Team
United States Grand Prix keeps hope: We assume that F1 will come

The provisional Formula 1 calendar only consists of European races and there is a real chance that the rest of the season will also be mainly European. In Asia almost all races have already been cancelled and in North and South America there is uncertainty. Director of Circuit of the Americas, Bobby Epstein, however, holds out hope.

"We don't have a clear picture of it yet. But I think they have learned in Europe that they can wait until the last moment to make a decision. We're not there yet, but we assume that the F1 will come", he says to Autoweek.

Epstein is right that the organization still has a couple of months to come to a decision, but that extra time can also be a disadvantage. In the state of Texas, risk reduction measures are now being abandoned, but the number of new infections is not decreasing. On the contrary. So a second wave is lurking.

Double Grand Prix or nothing at all, it's all possible

Epstein wants to wait and see. He says the circuit would have room for ten to twenty thousand visitors by now, but he doesn't want to capture them at the risk of investing in these preparations for nothing.

Finally, it is also questionable whether Formula 1 itself wants to travel to the United States. According to Epstein they might not want to run the risk of getting stuck on the other side of the world. If they do, he is open for a double race, but he would also understand if the F1 skipped COTA this year.

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