Brawn to Mercedes: "You assume you'll always win"

25-06-2020 15:49 | Updated: 25-06-2020 16:51
Brawn to Mercedes: You assume you'll always win

The plans that Formula 1 has for the coming years include quite far-reaching measures to bring the field closer together. One of these is a restriction on the number of hours in the wind tunnel for teams that finish higher in the championship.

According to several followers, this measure would be contrary to the philosophy in which Formula 1 operates. According to them, it does not fit that you are punished for success. However, Ross Brawn, who helped draw up the regulations, defends its introduction on two points.

"I'm satisfied because it's only a subtle correction," he says to "The 'performance society' continues because you still have to get on the track and win the race. We don't do anything that gives the driver a handicap on the track, so no ballast weight and we don't give away points".

Mercedes can also benefit from handicap system

In addition, he believes this is the best way to give smaller teams a real chance of success. Moreover, he thinks that the big teams will also benefit from this. There is no guarantee that the same team will be disadvantaged by this year in and year out. He therefore addressed the following words to an unnamed employee of Mercedes.

"I said, you're probably assuming you'll always win. Think for a moment: if you're second or third, don't you want some help? And suddenly it dawned on him that this could be useful if they didn't win. "

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