Reversed Grid? "Just try it and see what people think."

22-06-2020 18:45
Reversed Grid? Just try it and see what people think.

The COVID-19 pandemic creates unique situations in almost all sports. Also in Formula 1, things will happen in 2020 that never happened before. Guenther Steiner discusses the possibilities in a time like this.

For Ross Brawn, it must be an interesting time in Formula 1. The leader in F1 has always been in favour of trying out different things in the sport. Especially a time like this would be ideal for that. Unfortunately, his ideas are often shot down quickly. Guenther Steiner in any case agrees with him.

The Haas team boss first discusses the balanced Aero regulations for next season with

"I think balancing the aero package for all teams is a good measure. It is the same as the budget cap. It doesn't necessarily have to be that every team has the possibility to win, but more balance is definitely good".

Double races are also unique

Secondly, the conversation comes at the idea of the Reversed Grid. When asked, Steiner indicates that he doesn't necessarily think it's a gimmick:

"I'm not against a Reversed Grid. First of all, I'd like to stress that the situation of two races in a row on the same track is also unique. While we're at it, it would have been a good time to try a reversed grid as well. “

"If you've tried it, we can decide whether it's a gimmick or not. I've always said myself that it's important to try out new things. I'll always be open to that. We shouldn't think that when you try something you have to keep doing it." 

The team boss concludes: "Just try it and see what the racers and the fans say. I would have voted 'yes'"

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