Formula 1 and Formula E soon as one racing class? "Is going to take some time"

18-06-2020 16:55 | Updated: 18-06-2020 17:32
Formula 1 and Formula E soon as one racing class? Is going to take some time

Formula E does not exclude the possibility of a merger with Formula 1 in the future. Chairman Alejandro Agag argues that he sees no reason why there should be two separate race classes when the speed differences between F1 and FE have been reduced.

"I'm a massive fan of Formula 1, I always have been," said Agag at the FIA EConference. The Spaniard expects that electric driving has the future and that internal combustion engines will be pushed more and more into the background. "And Formula E has a 25-year exclusive license for electric single seaters."

Agag therefore sees a collaboration in the future as something likely. He doesn't yet know how that could be shaped. What the 49-year-old top man does know for sure is that Formula E should approach the speed of cars in F1. "Once electric Formula cars are as fast as combustion formula cars, I don’t really see the reason to race separately. But I’m guessing that’s going to take a while."

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