Mercedes will apply MGU-H Formula 1 technology in street cars

17-06-2020 16:38 | Updated: 17-06-2020 17:46
Mercedes will apply MGU-H Formula 1 technology in street cars

One of the most important components of the power source in a Formula 1 car is the MGU-H, which converts hot exhaust gases into electrical energy. However, it is a complex aspect that proved to be a challenge for many manufacturers. Mercedes - despite the fact that teams initially preferred to see it disappear - has been seeing benefits for some time and they are now going to implement them.

Production models

In addition to the sport, Formula 1 is also seen as an excellent development platform for all kinds of innovative concepts. They can then find their way back to street cars and that's what's going to happen with the MGU-H technology Mercedes uses in Formula 1. writes that the MGU-H will be used in a new electric exhaust turbo and that will soon be used in the new production models of AMG-Mercedes.

The application of this element in street cars is not to boost performance with extra horsepower, but to improve the response time of the engine and the deceleration in the turbo. In practice, this should lead to a better feeling of reaction in the car and the effect is that the overall driving experience will be better.

Complex technology

With the application of MGU-H technology in street cars, an important aspect of the hybrid engines from Formula 1 is also finding its usefulness in another area. This makes the investment all the more worthwhile in terms of development. Also because it would be a step backwards for Formula 1 if this technology was not used anymore.

Last year Andy Cowell - who announced his departure from Mercedes - told Motorsport: "The MGU-H has been blamed for the lack of noise and for high complexity. It's been referred to as a miracle. There are four technology companies that have made it work."

And if this component is lost: "To make up the power difference we're going to have to increase the fuel flow rate, which is a backwards step. It's not progress. It feels like a backwards step when the development work has been done." The system is still in use and a new step forward is now the application for street cars.

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