De Vries: ''I surreptitiously assumed that I would be able to go to F1''

17-06-2020 07:30
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De Vries: ''I surreptitiously assumed that I would be able to go to F1''

Nyck de Vries, as champion in Formula 2 this year, is not the one to be admired in Formula 1, but in Formula E. The season has been postponed for the time being, but the Dutchman is working hard to be ready for the start of the season again.

''Last weekend I spent time with Max Verstappen again, but that actually applies to people from all over the neighbourhood. For example, I also talk a lot with Steven Kruijswijk. Actually, this is a very sporty neighborhood with all kinds of top athletes. Everyone is always walking down the street in sports outfits'', says De Vries in an Instagram live video of Helden.

No step to Formula 1

Where many a Formula 2 champion has been promoted to Formula 1, De Vries will make the switch to the Mercedes Formula E team in 2020. Certainly not a small team, but Formula 1 was also a big dream for De Vries. Is there still a chance for him and why did he choose this project in the first place?

''Normally an F2 champion promotes to F1 and in 2018 even the top three. Then I came fourth, so I secretly assumed I could go to F1 if I became champion. However, there were few shifts and when they came, it was very late, where the option at Mercedes came very early'', says De Vries, who is happy with his chance in the FE.

Racing in Eindhoven

''I was already doing some simulator work for Mercedes, so I was soon convinced that this was the best opportunity in my career. In the short term I didn't see any chance in F1 to work as a driver'', says De Vries. However, the Dutchman did see one advantage of the corona virus, because now he has a chance to see the first Grand Prix of the Netherlands.

"Sneakily, I'm glad that race didn't take place. Of course it's a pity, but I couldn't be there this year and maybe next year will be different. I would love to be there and now it was at the same time as a race'', concludes the Mercedes driver who may also be an FE driver in 2021, with a possible first ePrix in Eindhoven.

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