''Ferrari had to reduce the engine, we could see that clearly''

11-06-2020 12:24
by Editorial Team
''Ferrari had to reduce the engine, we could see that clearly''

Helmut Marko still sees Red Bull Racing and Mercedes as the big favourites for 2020 and that assumption is supported by former Formula 1 driver, Marc Surer. Now 68 years old, the Swiss is still as sharp as ever.

"In principle, nothing will change compared to the winter tests in Barcelona. There it was clear that Mercedes and Red Bull were the fastest, while Ferrari was short. Ferrari had to reduce the engine by the rules of the FIA and we have clearly seen that back in Spain", says Surer to F1-insider.com.

Ferrari falls away

After the winter test there was still the question if Ferrari had not consciously withheld something. Soon those noises silenced, because Ferrari itself, but also all competitors clearly indicated that Ferrari was not fast enough. Nobody gives everything during the winter tests, but that much difference is not to be condoned.

''Ferrari has a new concept with a higher back. They copied it from Red Bull, but you can't just copy such a car. It's a very difficult concept and takes a lot of experience and knowledge to be able to use it properly. Ferrari doesn't have that knowledge and now that seems to be a problem," concludes Surer.

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