Brawn: ''Mugello, Imola, Hockenheim and Jerez are places we're looking now''

09-06-2020 12:22
Brawn: ''Mugello, Imola, Hockenheim and Jerez are places we're looking now''

Hockenheim, Imola and Mugello. All three circuits still seem to have a serious chance of a place on the 2020 Formula 1 calendar. In conversation with Ross Brawn does not rule out extra races in Europe.

Mugello and Imola a serious option

''Now that no fans are allowed to go to the races, the model becomes very different from normal. This of course means that there are more circuits that qualify for a place on the calendar. You have Mugello, Hockenheim, Imola and Jerez. These are places where you can race and where we can watch," said Brawn to

That's where the rumors that have been going around for a long time keep popping up. Imola and Mugello are aiming for a place just after the Italian Grand Prix, so the whole Formula 1 circus can stay in Italy. Hockenheim is also aiming for a return and even Jerez is an option.

No street races

''All those races can be captured in a reasonably short period of time, because without fans there is no sale. A permanent circuit is also perfect for this situation, because you don't have much work to get it ready for a race. In that respect, there are a lot of options in Europe where we can race''.

Singapore and Vietnam are a lot more work. There is an entire city has to be converted into a circuit and that is not the preference of Formula 1. ''I'm not saying it won't happen, but plan A is eight races in Europe and for the period after that we hope to be able to plan races outside Europe'', concludes Brawn.

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