Montoya cynical about Williams: 'Somebody's gotta put his kid in there'

07-06-2020 16:22 | Updated: 07-06-2020 16:44
Montoya cynical about Williams: 'Somebody's gotta put his kid in there'

The Williams Formula 1 teams have been balancing on the edge of the abyss for some time now. A tragic observation in view of the successful history of the team. Also Juan Pablo Montoya, who with Williams was one of the few who could compete with Michael Schumacher, sees the demise with sorrow.

At the time Montoya was driving for the team, Williams was still among the 'traditional' top three with McLaren and Ferrari. The step-by-step decline had already started in those years and only got worse in the following years, partly due to a lack of money and factory support. However, Montoya attributes what has happened in recent years mainly to a wrong personnel policy.

Paddy Lowe was misused

"If you make a person who's good at certain things do things they're not good at, it doesn't help. And I think that was one of the big problems at Williams, that out of desperation they started hiring people and not using their qualities", said the seven-time Grand Prix winner against

The Colombian refers in particular to the failed collaboration with Paddy Lowe. Someone who has been very important for Mercedes in a supporting role, but as a leader at Williams was in the wrong position according to many.

Montoya compares Williams with Tyrrell

About the future of Williams Montoya is therefore somewhat gloomy. He takes into account that Williams will face the same fate as Tyrrell, but nowadays there is also another solution. "I hope they survive. Someone will probably put money in it and eventually put his child in [the car], as is often the case."

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